Vibrancy Overhead



  1. As a 4 decade retail food man I can tell you that those bottles of Tide cost the retailer over $8, guaranteed. Even if it does not get stolen it represents a preexisting loss after you pay to have it shipped, unloaded, freighted, and checked out. And now you have to pay the only person on the sales floor with brains to put these tracking devices on it when he should be generating impulse sales through creative displays and suggested sales! The last store I set I actually recommended that name brand non-foods not be carried, Dove soap and Tide being the top two resold items in urban bars.

    Nice photo. I wonder, do they have the Dove soap behind glass? I once tackled a guy with 72 bars in the lining of his coat.


  2. This may be a staged photo of some sort. Only the ones in front have the anti-shoplifting devices on them. A thief would just take a jug from the back.


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