Five For The Low Low Price Of One

How could you pass up this deal?



  1. Yikes, how much do you wanna bet she’ll be a grandmother before 40?
    The son? Wouldn’t surprise me if you see him again – mugshot, security camera, ect.


  2. You will never see the realization of the cost of female whorishness so thoroughly encapsulated as you can see on that boy’s face. And knowing that all the innocence of his sisters is about to be obliterated by the grunts and groans of some drunken hairy beast mommy brought home from girls night out has got to be pretty painful.


  3. I don’t understand why this pic is here. She’s a woman in early middle age who has had kids. So? There’s no context to suggest she’s done anything amiss. Maybe she was married and lost her husband to illness/a car accident/a fire. Maybe she’d like to find a single dad and join forces in raising their kids. Who the hell knows. And why post the images of the kids who are blameless in any case.


  4. I didnt know that tinder was a sex me up deal…just thought it was another of those endless dating sites. With that tidbit of information no one should bother feeling sorry for this lump. I am quite sure any innocence those kids had vanished a long time ago. Another group of disfunctional individuals created by one womans desire, and dont you dare forget her right, to spread her legs for all comers (or perhaps cummers). She indicates she is 32 so she has been active since her early teens I would guess. You think by now she would have figured out that screwing creates babies. Perhaps she is seeking another sperm doner to kick in another batch of $$$ monthly. After all that mack daddy child support could be a little heavier to make sure her fat (oh I have NO DOUBT) ass is comfortable and well fed. She be wanting that tevo too mufuggah and how bout some new threads too while you at it beech. Christ on a crutch…if my cock got hard for that I would figure the damn thing was possessed and chop it off with a box cutter.


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