1. Is that a bong on the nightstand?
    I guess it’s better than a full toilet in the background like some selfies but still….


  2. Women should be banned from tattooing. And this chick should be sterilized before she has a chance at having another.


  3. I love how these hoes have done their dirt and now want the good guy to give them the house, kids, and white picket fence. My girlfriend and I had a round about this just this morning. Her niece has screwed every black guy shes come across for years (I have been with my girlfriend for ten years just for perspective) and now shes ready to “settle down” with a white guy. I had finally heard enough of this shit and told her that the niece is going to have settle for any white guy who would be willing to take her damaged ass because I am quite sure she has posted her filth on facemook and her rep will preceed her. You would have thought I had took a shit in her face but I no longer care and will not sugar coat it to preserve the peace. The dirty pig niece will be back with a black in a flash and my girlfriend will never toss it in my face so win win. I dont have to listen to that crap and the niece will not ruin some innocent white guys life. I really cant wait to see these pigs in middle age when there is no white man around to look after them because the bucks are after younger stuff and any mongrel kids will be in jail or dead.

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  4. Why should her snapchat ID be blurred? She WANTS publicity! She is hoping this will be “shared” on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!!


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