Shame Is The First Victim Of Decadence

Gentlemen, try to pull off that garter tire!




  1. The funny thing is that we aren’t heartless bullies trying to mock them for fun (mostly). We simply need to reprimand you for your own good since obviously no one in your own family or friends is doing so. It is beyond unhealthy and on top of that your quality of life and relations is minimized. For instance the third one in the black would be considered chubby 30 years ago, but I’d still pound her. She can find a hubby of average status. The big ones though have no chance of anyone other than abject losers taking them on. Even black guys wouldn’t touch them.

    Let be honest, the one on the far left’s dress would barely fit over my left bicep, but I could wrap my entire queen bed with the fabric from the second’s dress. At some point you have to realize you are a walking heart attack, disgusting to men, and pitiful to women who may only keep you around for self-esteem reasons. If you feel hurt by this, good, fix it one day at a time and bask in a better life.


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