Ye Shall Worship False Gods




  1. Excuse my bad english, i’m french. I wanted you to see this picture, the scene takes place during a protest right after the french far right party gathered 25% of the votes during the last european election, a bunch of teenagers walked down the streets to scream their hate of…….”hate” when it wins democratically. Everything is in it, the chubby bitch diving in the eyes of her nubian immigrant because she can’t score better, and the descent looking one literally having on her shoulders an arab north african immigrant. I laughed my ass off to this pic.

    The sign says : “together against hate”


  2. The dollar bill should say “The United States of Kwamerica” to make it more diverse. America is far too Euro-centric and fascist, Amerigo Vespucci being European and all.

    Also, it should say 100,000 dollars, not just a measly one hundred. We can simply print more money to make everyone rich, right? If it’s good enough for African countries it’s fitting for Westerners too. At least it gives a boost to the political organizations and interest groups who first get their hands on the newly minted money and can use it before it starts reducing the currency’s value. Just listen to the New York Times’ Paul Krugman, who surely has Whitey’s best interests at heart: “You can’t print too much money in a recession.”


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