1. Here’s one to add:

    The infrastructure necessary to sustain a first world country, the power lines, the roads and the bridges, the water systems, all are very expensive. But our government has given priority to funding of the third world and neglected it’s infrastructure, with predictable consequences.


    1. But our government has given priority to funding of the third world and neglected it’s infrastructure

      And endless foreign wars.


  2. Note the bars on the neighbor’s front door. That’s to keep this corpulent hippoglatamus from breaking in to steal food. They didn’t have to bar the windows because the creature is unable to squeeze through or even hoist herself up that high.


  3. I despise both of these people equally – the land-whale for her disgusting blubberiness, and the schlub for his total lack of masculine pride and self-respect. In a sane world, a cock would never be within 50 yards of that quivering mountain of fat.


  4. Showed this to my GF and she mentioned “He’s no prize either.” Besides being part of the point of the photo, this guy can be helped. Give me three months, I’ll get him a haircut, some nice clothes. Send him to the gym – he won’t bulk up but he will increase his T and self image. Give him three months intense reading on the Man-O-Sphere and he will be well into the top half of men.

    Six months, a year for the dress wearing creature wouldn’t put her in the top half, even if she were 100% committed (which she obviously would not be). She’s a lost cause, a true monster.


    1. @McGonzo

      It doesn’t matter how much that land whale works out and improves her diet. Her skin will never shrink back to anything not remotely disgusting


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