1. I just don’t see why it’s weird. He defends his country, he fucks whoever he wants. No skin off my back.

        Anyways, homosexuality and warrior culture aren’t incompatible. It was pretty common among samurai and the armies of Ancient Greece.


  1. Soon the Marines will be deployed to kill Russians because they are mean to Queers. And every American flag waver will cheer it on. Abetted by tribal tub thumpers like Roger Cohen. Yay!


  2. I hope they turn this into a recruiting photograph and circulate it widely.

    Nothing would make the grunts in the Army laugh more uproariously than having conclusive evidence that Marines are a bunch of man – loving faggots.


    1. As an Army grunt, 11B, I agree. As soon as I saw this picture I downloaded it and I’m going to have fun showing it off to the Marines tonight at the MWR bar


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